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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mid-week Middle Name MeMe - a tad late...

I was tagged for the Middle Name MeMe (along time ago) by the effervescent Starrlight (and quite a few other people - I forget who and so as not to offend, I'll just say if you still visit me, you know who you are)

I don’t really have a middle name. I’m French Canadian Roman Catholic (well, that’s what it says on census forms) and we don’t do middle names, we have Christening names (yes, you read correctly.. plural)!

I’m not about to drag them all out cause then I’d have to tag entirely too many people (apparently those are the rules...) so I picked one of the three. The choice was relatively easy, one is far too common, the other I hate but it was inserted there to appease my step-grandmother Juliette (who was also my Godmother).. so I’m left with one.

It’s my daughter’s name. It was my maternal grandmother’s name, a woman I never met but was from what I am told the most gracious hostess and excellent cook.

The purpose is, I believe, to share tidbits about oneself... so here we go. Oh, I added a few tunes to match the letters, some have a purpose, others I just enjoy.


A is for Anything… Anytime… Anywhere… That’s friendship.

L is for lily of the valley… one of my favourite scents. When I was in grade school, I had a teacher who smelled like lilies of the valley and the classroom smelled like her. She was a sweet and wonderful woman. That was back in the days where it was acceptable for a teacher to give her students a hug if they scraped their knee in the schoolyard, a kiss on the top of the head at Christmas, and a scolding or detention if needed. I wanted to be a teacher then. One hug and she made me forget whatever was upsetting me. I was enveloped in that scent.

I is for island. Wouldn’t mind spending time on an island, but there’s not much I’d bring with me. A special someone, a hammock to lay in and be rocked by the gentle breeze of the ocean, and some tunes, maybe something to dance to under the moonlit sky.
Oh, my ever thinking Chicklet says.. she’d bring a boat – duh mommy!

C is for the Chicklet. She’s the light of my life, the one whose giggles make the whole world right again after a hard day.

E is for ... ok I admit it, first thing that popped into my head is Elvis. (Black leather Elvis… not white jumpsuit Elvis). At a very special time in my life, a very special and perfect moment… this song started playing:

I apologize to those who have tagged me. I know it took forever. I struggle every day with whether or not I should keep this place going. It’s something I do for me I guess. It’s a very selfish endeavour, but sometimes one needs something that isn’t designed to please others. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate every single traveler that comes along on my occasional trips and I cherish the time you make for me. As long as you get something from it. Oh.. and I don’t think there’s anyone left to tag, but if you weren’t and want to give it a whirl, have fun! And please let me know so I can read it…

Love you all more than my luggage!
Hugs, smooches and gropes!

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Comments on "Mid-week Middle Name MeMe - a tad late..."


Blogger Bond said ... (8:28 AM) : 

Excellent job my friend...
Great songs...Excellent definition of friendship..I might steal it sometime (well Travis taught me friend's do not steal, they borrow)...I love Chicklet's suggestion of a boat...what a smart young lady...always black leather Elvis
and you know that a blog, by definition is personal and I for one would be terribly disappointed if the luggage got lost in transit...


Blogger Desert Songbird said ... (10:08 AM) : 

Blogging is a personal thing - you decide what, when, if, and why. You have no commitments to others, so don't feel obligated to follow any rules.

Do what you want, and others will read if you're here. That's what Google Reader is for - to let me know when something new is posted!


Blogger Turnbaby said ... (10:28 AM) : 

What they said ;-) Way cool post Angelbaby. Tags and badges are great --I love them and am ever grateful--I just can't get them posted. I do love the blog though and your take on things is truly unique. I'd really miss it.



Blogger Matt-Man said ... (10:50 AM) : 

Anything… Anytime… Anywhere…? That's not friendship, that's HOT!!


Blogger COCO said ... (1:40 PM) : 

lol good to see you, Ann, honey. big hugs and kisses. and who's Matt-Man? He's a riot!


Blogger Anndi said ... (1:54 PM) : 

Why thank you, I too have learned many things from my friends... SMOOCH

I will investigate this Google Reader of which you speak dear wise one. Thank you for traveling with me.

Every once in a while I manage to post a tag, it's just that it tends not to fall on when I'm available for them. Thanks for being a friend.
Smooch and Rub

I do appreciate your mind...

Good to see out in the blogosphere... hugs and kisses and woooooo!
Matt defies description, but he has been known to cause riots... LOL


Blogger Travis said ... (7:43 PM) : 

You know my thoughts about blogging. My recent break was helpful. It didn't solve problems, but it helped with perspective.


Blogger Anndi said ... (7:46 PM) : 

Travis: as long as I have the occasional snippet to share, I might just keep the old girl...

I must say, distance from blogging has also given me perspective. Taking time out can be a good thing.


Blogger Julie said ... (9:13 PM) : 

If the luggage is empty I'm sure you'll find something to put in it. It's all about you here, my dear. It's not for anyone else. If giggles or tears are created by passing through be it!


Anonymous Imma (Alice) at I Was Born2Cree8 said ... (3:24 PM) : 

Alice... what a wonderful name! hahahahaha.

It was my paternal grand mother's name. I never had the pleasure of meeting her, but apparently she cooked for the Royal Family during Queen Victoria's reign, so must've been pretty good in the kitchen. I received her name, but not her culinary skills, drat.

I was born on Elvis's birthday and he died on my Dad's birthday... and there are other "connections" too, but won't go into them now, haha.

Hug your Chicklet for me, she sounds like a great girl.


Blogger Meribah said ... (8:11 PM) : 

Beautiful response to this meme. Almost makes me want to do it...almost! LOL :P


Blogger Dana said ... (9:30 PM) : 

Alice is a precious name! Bethany might have been Alice Marie or Mary Alice.


Blogger Starrlight said ... (1:57 PM) : 

Amen to Black Leather Elvis!!

Nice work =)


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