Anndi's Luggage: WW ... Jonathan said cowBELLS.... sheesh!
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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

WW ... Jonathan said cowBELLS.... sheesh!

Love you all more than my luggage!
Hugs, smooches and gropes!

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Comments on "WW ... Jonathan said cowBELLS.... sheesh!"


Blogger angell said ... (9:34 AM) : 


Something tells me I don't want to know..


Ok, maybe just a little ....


Blogger Jonathan said ... (9:54 AM) : 

BELLS, dammit...BELLS! :-D


Blogger the108 said ... (11:20 AM) : 

Awww..... I lovem moo cows.


Blogger Anndi said ... (12:50 PM) : 

Angell: I knew you would... hehehe *grope grope*

Jonathan: something got lost in the translation...

Kyra: awww I lovem you... *hugs*


Blogger Turnbaby said ... (1:39 PM) : 

You know you can get in trouble for posting 'calf porn'--just sayin' ;-)


Blogger Sparky Duck said ... (5:20 PM) : 

sheesh is right. Though in Oklahoma, this confirms a whole bunch about Longhorns (sorry sports stuff)


Blogger Dan said ... (9:10 PM) : 

Ouch! I'll bet that bull feels like he's getting pierced! :)


Blogger Anndi said ... (9:30 PM) : 

Turnbaby: oops... there goes my grade A rating...

Sparky: hmmmmm... *makes a note to research this*

Dan: don't know... he doesn't seem too inconvenienced... LOL


Blogger Phil said ... (10:06 PM) : 

Your heart is pounding with great intensity as you the Matador with the Red Cape it's you against the El Toro just before it charges you can almost swear you seen it's eyes turn red and fire shoot from it's nostrils and your adrenalin is pumping over time you feel your knees almost turn to jelly as you stare down that ton of raging bull with razor sharp 2 foot long horns that you know could go right through you.

Feel the intensity of the moment, right about that time you are either filled with excitement or trembling out of your mind with fear.


Blogger RAFFI said ... (12:44 AM) : 

before you know it, the poor calf will be the bull's lil' bitch.


Blogger Bond said ... (8:11 AM) : 

OK, Phil said it all... ummm well I think he did - huh?


Blogger Anndi said ... (12:45 PM) : 

Phil: I hear the roar of the crowd...

Raffi: ROTFLMAO! oh that is sooo wrong... funny as hell.. but soooo wrong LOL! Thanks for the visit!

Bond: hehehe! SMOOCH


Blogger Julie said ... (9:26 PM) : 



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