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Friday, August 17, 2007

And the laughing gas lasts and lasts (Vinny part 3)

And now.. for one of my all time favourite Cosby bits!

hehehe.. you go to the dentist you end up looking like a Big Old Drooly Saint- Bernard LOL

Yup.. Vinny sounded like Mushmouth...

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Comments on "And the laughing gas lasts and lasts (Vinny part 3)"


Blogger Meribah said ... (7:15 PM) : 

Hey! That St. Bernard looks just like my mother's father's uncle's third cousin twice removed! Goober's his name. He likes to eat things that look like boogers, not actual boogers which would be halfway respectable, but weird veggie things that LOOK like 'em! Brussel sprouts anyone? :P


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