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Thursday, July 19, 2007

The best laid plans...

I was tagged by Kyra the Lusty Wench over at The 108 to do a meme she concocted... I knew it was going to take me a while so I had planned to sit down last night in front of my puter as I searched for some posts to drag out for her...


Seems my Internet supplier forgot to rotate something or dust the inside of some router or something.. you got it.. NO INTERNET! I wasted 45 minutes unplugging the friggin cable, turning the power off, powering the puters down and starting them back up... trying to call the friggin techs (you know.. the dudes who man the Helpless Desk over in India)...

I watched some boob tube (woooooooooo! a FOXTROT)... tried to read a bit.. got the mouse twitch and kept trying to right click the man-wand (TV remote for you man-challenged individuals).... finally I gave up, grabbed my stuffed monkey and went to bed.

It came back in the middle of the night.. I checked. I'm sure you're happy for me.

So.. this clip illustrates exactly how I felt
(I'm the dog by the way)...


I'll try and get to it tonight... unless the morons at the power company decide to test their voltmeters and short the friggin grid out...

Love you all more than my luggage!
Hugs, smooches and gropes!

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Comments on "The best laid plans..."


Blogger Bond said ... (8:09 AM) : 

I hate when that happens. You did all you could from your end, but sometimes it is just so frustrating.

So, what was he peeing on?? and are you telling us you pee wherever you can?

Looking forward to your Meme selections....ours are done on THE COUCH


Blogger Twyla said ... (8:25 AM) : 

When I first read that I thought it said you "stuffed your monkey and went to bed". I was like, wtf? LOL Then I re-read it. I guess I need to slow down. :-)


Blogger Julie said ... (9:07 AM) : 

"" Oh my! I thought that was kept in their pants!


I'll be waiting for this meme!


Blogger Anndi said ... (9:34 AM) : 

Bondbaby: *sigh*.. no dear, I meant... When you really NEED to do something, sometimes you end up in the wrong .. oh nevermind... LOL

I thought I'd already gone over enough pee talk... sheesh.

I'll go on over and take a gander then.

Twyla: your comment nearly sent me to the closet! LOL SMOOCH

Julie: If they could, they would.. maybe then they'd find it!


Blogger the108 said ... (10:18 AM) : 

Um... this has happened to me and it sends me into a PANIC. To take away my internet is a crime and I seriously freak


Blogger Aisby said ... (10:53 AM) : 

This happened to me the other day. And Mr. Indian Man had NO idea how to help was AWFUL. But I had dial-up backup.


Blogger Sparky Duck said ... (11:18 AM) : 

Pffft, excuses, excuses. Admit it, it was the Windsor Canadian Whiskey.


Blogger Starrlight said ... (4:45 PM) : 


Man Wand sounds so very very dirty!


Blogger Anndi said ... (8:41 PM) : 

Kyra: Bastards!

Aisby: I dream of backup dial-up... *sigh*

Sparkster: Moosehead beer... sheesh!

Starrlight: I LOVE that word!


Blogger Travis said ... (2:30 AM) : 

You mean Raj was no help? Why am I not surprised?

Although I have now placed my wireless router the requisite three feet from my cable modem - which the idjits never told me when I bought it and had it installed - my router still cuts out every 7-10 days. When it does I have to disconnect it and wait 30 seconds before I plug it back in.

Then it works for another 7-10 days. Screwy.


Blogger Anndi said ... (7:06 AM) : 

Travis: the morons apparently wiped out a whole grid! Raj kept asking me to spell my name... no help at all!


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