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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wordless Wednesday - the way

Love you all more than my luggage!

Hugs, smooches and gropes!


Comments on "Wordless Wednesday - the way"


Blogger Phil said ... (3:23 PM) : 

Hi Anndi,

I wanted to thank you for your comment on both places.

What I like about Anndi's site
Love you all more than my luggage!

You know Anndi, they have the four legged walking luggage down in the northern part if Austrailia where they call The Walk About. LOL

Hugs, smooches and gropes!
Oooo the gropes part sounds really kinky? LOL

Just me being silly. LOL


Blogger Matt-Man said ... (4:53 PM) : 

I hate train tracks. I got my foot stuck in one one day. I didnt get hit by a train but three hobos waiting to jump rail car beat the shit out of me and stole my Wild Irish Rose. Cheers!!


Blogger Anndi said ... (4:59 PM) : 

Hi Phil:

You're welcome. It's important to support and encourage friends.

Thank you for the compliments.. very kind dear.

Oooooh.. crickey.. is that a 'croc'? (hehehe.. couldn't help the bad pun - sorry)

Gee, you're the second one today to mention the gropes.. maybe it's the effects of spring springing...

Silly is good Phil, sometimes people are way too serious.


Blogger Anndi said ... (5:37 PM) : 


At least they didn't ... actually.. I can't think of anything good about that... um.. at least they didn't take your secret stash of SPAM?


Blogger Travis said ... (6:58 PM) : 

I'm pondering the symbolism in the two photos, but it's making my head hurt.

I think I'll just sit down for awhile. I'm in no hurry to pick a path.


Blogger Bond said ... (8:51 PM) : 

Interesting pictures today. The fork in the road...the switch of the tracks.

I had just begun my post for tomorrow when I decided to come visit and was taken back by them both.

You see, my post begins "
Life can be a dark and scary ride sometimes. You move along and the twists and turns come out of no where and then you must make decisions.

Decisions that will effect you for the rest of you life."

That was where I stopped before visiting...

I hope when you have to make your choice, you select the correct one...


Blogger Desert Songbird said ... (10:51 AM) : 

I love black and white photography.


Blogger Phil said ... (12:23 PM) : 

Hi Anndi,

I hope that you had just as much fun participating in that little bit of fun and humor on Doc, he needs people like us to keep him on his toes. LOL


Blogger Sanni said ... (2:26 PM) : 

Just WOW =)


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