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Saturday, June 09, 2007

I have a passion...

I have a love of shoes. It rivals my love of luggage! There’s nothing like slipping into a beautifully made shoe, one that accents, in my opinion, one of the best features a woman possesses, her confidence.

You thought I was going to say legs or buttocks or feet didn’t you?

A beautiful shoe, in many women, brings out a certain attitude, it’s as effective an adornment as jewelry. But it goes deeper than that.

I know what a sexy shoe does for me. There’s the obvious effect it has on posture and the feminine form. Honestly, nothing accentuates a woman’s legs and behind like heels.
But, the effect it has on posture, making a woman stand straighter, hopefully pushing her shoulders back (slouching is one of the most unattractive things), lifting her head up to face the world and in turn showing off her neck (a most heavenly part of the woman’s body)… Basically, there’s an actual correlation between the body and someone’s state of mind.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m not talking about form, weight, size…
It’s the way one carries oneself.

I’ve sat in many an airport, on countless “terrasses” and on quite a few barstools indulging in one of my favourite pastimes.. No, not drinking! Sheesh! Well.. that too.. but what I was referring to is people watching. And all this people watching combined with my natural tendency to analyze people have led me to a conclusion:

The power of a person’s walk, their “démarche” (or strut as you might wish to call it), is a powerful thing. I mean, as much as how “attractive” some people might be based on their physical attributes, there are some men and women who capture your attention by projecting total confidence, self-awareness and an irresistible form of sex appeal just by the way they carry themselves.

Being attractive from within…

There have been countless times when I’ve noticed the following (hopefully you can all remember a time when it happened to you):

If you smile and tell yourself you are beautiful or handsome, if you feel good about yourself and willingly make eye contact with passers-by… you’ll get a positive response. And it sets off a chain reaction that needs to be cultivated.

A few weeks ago, I was reminded of that very thing as I was pushing a cart through the local market and being the domestic goddess that I truly am (stop snickering…). I was in a good mood, I was wearing lovely pair of black leather slides and my favourite jeans, and I found myself smiling back at a man I crossed in the pasta aisle, as we both tried to maneuver around someone’s cart. I crossed this gentleman about 4 times through the aisles, and every time I did, I smiled back at him (I may have initiated a smile or two...). I don’t really know why, but I couldn’t help myself. He was attractive and had a bit of grey at his temples and a fantastic head of hair. Ok.. I know why, he had a great strut!
As I was finishing up carrying on the traditional womanly gathering of “nuts and berries” à la 21st century, he was done hunting for sustenance and had bagged his frozen pizzas and steaks. We both headed towards the alters to thank the gods and remit our offerings in exchange for the bounty we had harvested and as I stopped to collect one last desired item, he walked up to me and complimented me on my smile. Had I wished it, I would have had a date too… But I must say, the compliment was just what I needed that day.

So folks, put your best foot forward (I’ll be wearing lovely shoes as I do) and remember your worth as you step outside today, as I was reminded so thoughtfully myself and smile.

Now, you don’t need a great shoe to do get that little boost of self-confidence, but it sure is a good excuse to go shopping for them!

A while back, I promised my Hotties and Hoochies a slideshow...

Without further ado...

Hark! Did I hear some THUMPS?

Love you all more than my luggage (and shoes and boots!)!
Hugs, smooches and gropes!

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Comments on "I have a passion..."


Blogger Dan said ... (1:25 PM) : 

So folks, put your best foot forward (I’ll be wearing lovely shoes as I do) and remember your worth as you step outside today, as I was reminded so thoughtfully myself and smile.

Brava! I love this post Sweetie! Good for you for saying this.

And this will be particular good advice for me. I'll be strutting around overnight Manhattan for our charity walk starting at 8pm tonight and ending 5am tomorrow morning.

That's a LOT of strutting! And smiling! I promise to do both ... 20 miles worth!

Hugs, kisses and gropes!


Blogger Travis said ... (1:36 PM) : 

I'm a little breathless and light-headed.

I loved your article because it rings so true. Confidence is extremely attractive.

Oh! I just saw the red boots go by again.



Blogger Anndi said ... (2:01 PM) : 

Dan my sweet friend

Thank you for the kind words my dear.

I'll be thinking of you on your charity walk!

Hugs, kisses and mucho gropes for you too babe!

Travis darlin'

Put you head between your legs.. wait, that sounds interesting... hehehe!

Confidence is the one thing that puts us all on the same level playing field. The most "physically attractive" people end up sad and lonely if they don't find that confidence.

I also particularly enjoy the red boots!


Blogger Paul Champagne said ... (6:01 PM) : 



Blogger Dixiechick said ... (6:21 PM) : 

THUMP .... did you say THUMP??? I believe I felt the earth move and it was a 6.6 on ricter scale... *giggling* and I do believe it was by way of Seattle and Memphis... ;-)

Love the slide show Sexy Hoochie... I'm so glad you FINALLY put it up!

Oh and I do believe I see some of my shoes in there...PURRRRRRRRRRRR



Blogger Layla (aka Barbara) said ... (9:18 PM) : 

Wow! Great post and slide show, and to think I have not bought any new shoes in a VERY long time, no wonder my love life is in a slump. See ya later, I'm off to the mall!


Blogger Bond said ... (9:55 PM) : 

I came by here earlier and just now found my way off the floor. The incredible collection of female feet and ankles lovingly caressed by a multitude of glamorous shoes is just too much to take.
Your take on confidence and stride and manner is right on sweet friend...
oh hell...


Blogger Desert Songbird said ... (2:37 AM) : 

I adore shoes as well, but, sadly, I don't have the legs to carry off these sexy numbers.

I have been wearing more heels lately; must be a result of my newly rediscovered confidence...


Blogger Matt-Man said ... (7:12 AM) : 

I feel so dirty after viewing this on a Sunday morning.


Blogger Anndi said ... (10:15 AM) : 


You're welcome LOL! Thanks for visiting!


Hehehe... My halo definitely has a kink in it!
Oh.. and I bought NEW shoes too!

HSGLRNs right back atcha!


Thanks for visiting! Glad you enjoyed it! Went to Guess yesterday and bought 2 pairs I was so inspired LOL!


I must say I enjoy seeing you don there!
It is all about the strut and how one carries oneself! Plus they're damn sexy too! hehehe!
Thank you darling!


A great shoe looks fantastic on every woman my dear. I love that you have new found confidence. You're a spectacular person my friend!



Did you cry out Hallelujah? Grab Schmoop and go for the "Oh God!"

Love ya babe!


Blogger julie said ... (3:04 PM) : 

Ann! I told you not to post my pictures!


Lovely post and SO SO true! I have been breaking in a couple pair of shoes that I bought last year....I do feel more confidant.

*hugs Sweet Ann*


Blogger Turnbaby said ... (4:08 PM) : 

I think you heard a Oh My THUD as well Angelbaby!! the black strappy sandals and the beach and ...wait...must hang on....

I wanted to say how superb I thought your point is in this--no matter how you look on the outside if you don't feel that confidence it's never any good. So glad you got a smile!

Now -care to join me on the beach with those sandals and that nice looking cabana boy;-p

Smooch grope rubrubrubrubrubrub


Blogger Angell said ... (1:48 PM) : 

I KNEW Bond & Trav would be thudding the second I saw the word SHOES.

Great blog honey bunch - makes me wanna go SHOPPING.

Anyone care to join?



Blogger Starrlight said ... (5:56 PM) : 

OMG yes please!


Blogger Sparky Duck said ... (10:54 PM) : 

there is truly nothing like the right heels on a woman, though I am going to throw my vote in for some white keds or non black nikes. H.O.T. Hot


Blogger Forest Dogs said ... (4:00 PM) : 

We came to say hello to Tobey and Chelsea... can they come out to play?


Blogger Clay Lowe said ... (5:33 AM) : 

Come by my blog and pick up your piece of eight or you shall find yourself walking the plank.


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