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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

For my friend Diana…

There is nothing so difficult as to watch someone you love go through loss and suffering. I have been witness to your struggles. And have felt helpless.. All I have are words, even those don’t seem to be enough. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, as I know your dear father is now an angel, reunited with his true love.

Diana, I am so sorry to hear about your loss.. although I never met your father I feel as if I know him from all you have written about him.

All I can offer is my thoughts, prayers and my willingness to listen if you should feel the need to talk. No matter how old we are, no matter what our role becomes.. we are and will always be.. our parent’s child.

I found this poem when a friend’s grandmother passed away… may it, in some time, bring you comfort.

In Memory of You

I find an old photograph
and see your smile.
As I feel your presence anew, I am filled with warmth
and my heart remembers love.

I read an old card
sent many years ago
during a time of turmoil and confusion.
The soothing words written then
still caress my spirit
and bring me peace.

I remember who you used to be
the laughter we shared
and wonder what you have become.
Where are you now,
Where did you go,
When the body is left behind
and the spirit is released to fly?

Perhaps you are the morning bird
singing joyfully at sunrise,
or the butterfly that dances
so carelessly on the breeze
or the rainbow of colors
that brightens a stormy sky
or the fingers of afternoon mist
delicately reaching over the mountains
or the final few rays of the setting sun
lighting up the skies
edging the clouds with a magical glow.

I miss your being
but I feel your presence,
In whatever form you choose to take,
however you now choose to be.

Your spirit has become for me
a guardian angel on high
guiding, advising, and watching over me.

I remember you.
You are with me
and I am not afraid.

I love you so much little sister.
Hugs and kisses and a shoulder to lean on.

Comments on "For my friend Diana…"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:25 PM) : 

From the mind of Meribah:

What a beautiful post, Anndi, and I loved the poem. Hugs!


Blogger Travis said ... (8:39 PM) : 

Well said my dear.


Blogger julie said ... (12:06 AM) : 

All we can offer is our thoughts and you said it all just perfectly.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:09 AM) : 

Such a great post Angelbaby and all I can think of is what you are going through also.

Love you more than I can say


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:32 PM) : 

Sweet thoughts...

You are a wonderful friend and an incredible daughter and an inspirational mother


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:52 PM) : 

Beautiful Anndi. You had the words when the others of us couldn't find them.


Blogger Diana said ... (12:51 AM) : 

My dear sister,

Thank you so much for your support. I've just started reading the blogs and have seen yours first. Please, please accept my deepest thank yous and hugs for your kind words and hugs.

I find solace in your words because my dear this is a very hard thing. Unfortunately, I buried 2 parents even before I turned 30. The two loves of my life, my heart and soul. But I thank you for making me realize that I have wonderful friends.

Love you!


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