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Friday, December 14, 2007

it goes on and on and on...

Some people participate in the Friday Feast...

some have nothing to eat.


Did you know that the likelyhood of donating to a good cause is increased by the presence of oxytocin, the feel happy drug our body produces? This hormone is linked with empathy and facilitating positive social interaction with our children and spouses... Empathy is associated with health, longer lives and improved social interactions babies!


Go for the good drugs, and shun the spoiled over-priced so-called athletes who cheat and enrich themselves with lies...
That number makes me happy... and so does what was waiting for me in my inbox!

Thanks Roger!

Click on the ornament and get yourselves some of the good drugs... at no cost. You'll feed your brain and get a natural high... no wonder it's addictive!

I feel the love people... you rock!

Love you all more than my luggage!
Hugs, smooches and gropes!

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Comments on "it goes on and on and on..."


Blogger Julie said ... (8:17 AM) : Roger balled you twice? Now I'm REALLY jealous!

You go girl!


Blogger Roger said ... (9:00 AM) : 

Glad you liked it Anndi! And your right giving is the best drug there is! Have a awesome weekend!! :D


Blogger Desert Songbird said ... (10:18 AM) : 

You are a kind, kind soul, Anndi baby.


Blogger Charles Gramlich said ... (7:11 PM) : 

Fun and educational, and worthy. This is the feel good site of the season. Good work.


Blogger Meribah said ... (7:12 PM) : 

Wooo! Anndi is some ballsy now! LOL :P


Blogger Travis said ... (9:07 PM) : 

Ballin ballin ballin
That website keeps a'callin
To feed those who are starvin
Free Rice!

Click the link
Play the game
Guess the word
Fill the bowl

Feed your brain and the poor
Free Rice!

Geez...I just did a song parody of Rawhide. I must be on vacation.


Blogger buffalodickdy said ... (11:01 PM) : 

I tried your rice thing for the first time- 1,040. Does that automatically get recorded, or do I have to sign up, or what? Good cause! Good Luck!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:44 AM) : 

Today is a national giving day here in Germany. The television networks get together and collect as much money as they can for child welfare. many of Germany's stars and public figures are involved. It's a beautiful day, it really is.

It made me think of you.


Blogger Turnbaby said ... (8:37 AM) : 

LMAO @ Trav!!!!!

you rock on Angelbaby!!


Blogger Anndi said ... (8:49 AM) : 

Julie: well actually, he gave me both his balls the first time... then he made this one... What can I say, the man's got balls!

Let me see what I can do for you.. oh Roooooooger!!!

Roger: I LOVED it! Thank you so much, it was great to open my e-mail and find another one of your balls... you know... :D
Enjoy your weekend dear friend!

Songbird: Good to see your lovely face! Thank you, but really it gives me so much!

Charles: Freerice is the feel good site, no doubt about it!

Meri: yes ma'am... er, I mean puppy! **throws a scooby snack to the puppy**

Travis: I've got that song in my head now... maybe we can get someone to videotape it and put it on Youtube... ;)
Love you, bro! Enjoy your well deserved vacation!

Buffalodickdy: WOOOOOOOOO!! another convert (or as the game would call you a PROSELYTE)!
You don't need to sign up, it tallies automatically and every 100grains is a bowl of rice... you sir, just fed 10 people! How does THAT feel?

Thank you, you made a big difference in someone's life.

Wayne: That's a sweet thing to say, thank you.


Blogger Anndi said ... (8:52 AM) : 

Turnbaby: You gotta love The Wolf! SMOOCHES to you... I know how much you play this game! God blessed me with such wonderful friends... makes it so easy to give back any way I can.


Blogger Matt-Man said ... (12:07 PM) : 

Travis rocks...Cheers!!


Blogger the108 said ... (2:28 PM) : 

Okay, Anndi... I just have to tell you... Oxytocin is a chemical that your body produces upon the stimulation of your nipples....LOL. It's synthetic for, Pitocin, is what hospitals use to induce labor. I adore the idea that I could change my mood just by playing with my nipples.

Tweak em'!!!


Blogger buffalodickdy said ... (6:16 PM) : 

Knocked off another 2000+! It's addictive! What's a good level? I think I got a 42??!!


Blogger Bond said ... (8:55 AM) : 

Every day 200...300...not huge amounts ...but they add up.... forgot the bullwhip ....bwaahahahahahahhhahah


Blogger Anndi said ... (9:59 AM) : 

Matt-man: He sure does! Be safe during part two of the White Death!

Kyra: Believe me I know... and I've been quite the happy girl!

Buffalodickdy: You're a prince! SMOOCH!

Bond: Yes they do, now I expect more during your vacation.
I'm sure the Wolf didn't forget it.. hehehe


Blogger Roger said ... (8:26 PM) : 

Hahaha I just seen Travis I can't get it out of my head!


Blogger Jeff B said ... (10:02 PM) : 

The next time I buy a box of Uncle Ben's there better damn well be a picture of you on there.

You are to rice what Don King was to boxing...wait a minute, that didn't come out right...well you know what I mean.

You Rock!


Blogger Travis said ... (1:40 AM) : 


Me? Forget the bullwhip? HA!

I'm thinking about a second verse.


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